Does Duplicate Content Hurt SEO?

Will Duplicate Content Hurt SEO

With so many websites containing duplicate content in one form or the other. It has now become imperative if not necessary for a site to have original and well-researched content to survive the onslaught of alight Google under the hood of Panda Update.
Though the Panda Update has been with us for quite some time, webmasters and so-called SEO experts are finding it hard to figure out what Google engineers, to be particular – Google bot, are treating as duplicate content.

Do It Yourselfers Are Common Offenders

No one is now so naive to copy and paste an entire article from another source on his website. Rather what they are trying to do is to making a tweak here and there to make it ‘look genuinely unique. This mainly happens when a business owner tries to do SEO themselves.
Sadly for them, Google has got a bit smart this time around, and this is not going to help anyone to drive targeted traffic to one’s website. Lets us make a quick round-up of the repercussions of having duplicate content in a site.

Duplicate Content Penalties

Let’s be straightforward, duplicate content will cause you a penalty, and this might hurt a business more than you could imagine. Your SEO Agency may help you overcome this penalty over time, but this will cost a business organization dearly.

Ranking Drop

Apart from losing all its ranking which was probably the only source of getting new clients, it can have an impact on the brand value. Brand image is likely to come under the scanner if the website contains content copied from other sites.

De-Indexed aka: Banned from Googe

Google and its likes have already made it clear that they are waging war to weed out shallow and duplicate content from the web altogether. So, if you do not want to face the wrath of Google and do not want to see your website erased from Google’s search index completely, it is a wake-up call.

Legal issues

Duplicate content can lead to legal tangle as well. If anyone publishes content of other websites without their prior permission, they can find themselves in a messy situation sooner or later. Those websites can file DMCA or can file a lawsuit that can lead to loss of reputation. Besides that, doling out fat compensation will make you feel the pinching effect in your pocket.

Example on and its likes are still finding it hard to recover from the Panda massacre, and the reason why Google axes them is quite simple – they have a large number of duplicate articles on their websites. However, some SEO companies are claiming that it is not the duplicate content that can trigger Panda outrage, harboring shallow or thin content can lead to the same problem.
So, if you do not want your website gets rough treatment from Google and other search engines, you need to make sure that your site has unique, well researched and exciting content that adds value to users.
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