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SEO Cherry is a Dallas SEO Company offering numerous internet marketing services. We’re proud to offer results driven,  search engine optimization, web design, social media, reputation management, and paid search services. If your searching for a Dallas Internet Marketing Expert, look no further. Ask us if we’re a good fit for your business.

Our digital marketing services are perfect for small businesses and large companies.  Whether you own an e-commerce store or a local shop, we can help.

To not waste advertising dollars, we will only focus on your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  Working with a digital marketing Expert can increase your ROI faster.  When you need results, turn to the Local SEO Experts!

How Can SEO Cherry Help?

We're a Local Dallas Search Engine Optimization Agency

Dallas SEO Company

We Know Profitability Matters

We feel that SEO Cherry is the best Dallas SEO Agency hands down. We’re not just your typical search engine optimization firm. SEO Chery is a Dallas internet marketing company that understands what it takes to deliver results.

Over the last ten years, our organic search strategies have stood the test of time. Let us show you whey we’re the #1 ROI Driven SEO Company in Dallas, TX.

Affordable Local Organic Search Marketing

SEO Cherry is one of the few affordable Dallas SEO Companies that deliver results. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grow your business together.

The first step is to start the application process and schedule your FREE 30-minute SEO Consultation. During our call, we will project your ROI (Return on Investment) and our online website positioning strategy.

Page 1 Rankings in Search Engines

Although we are analytics-driven, we know that page 1 matters. The statistics show that over 90% of traffic goes to websites listed there. So, we’ve created Proven Website SEO Services to accomplish this goal.

Here are a few reasons why page 1 matters:

  • Increased Visibility  – The more people see your brand, the better chance you have to earn their business. Over 90% of online searchers don’t go past page 1 of the search engines.
  • Trust – Consumers trust local Dallas companies in organic search results vs. paid ads. So, buying your way to the top with paid ads isn’t always best for conversion rates.
  • Brand Credibility – If you’re a happening business you should be on top. Consumers expect to see the most relevant companies at the top of search results. If you’re not there, it appears you’re not a real player in the game.

At the end of the day, page 1 means visibility for your brand. It also means an increased trust and credibility for your brand. Top organic search rankings matter!

First Page Ranking in Google

Ranking Results: Short & Long Term

Analytics and Reporting

Results Driven Dallas SEO

We know that results are ALL that matter. If you’re not getting leads, making sales, and growing, it’s not worth the investment. So, we closely monitor each SEO marketing campaign to ensure we meet our goals.

We Track Goals Like:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Form Fills
  • Webpage Visits
  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • and More..

Website Rankings That Stick

We only use white hat SEO strategies to ensure long-term results. Sure, many agencies can get you to the top of Google search results faster than others. The question is, “Is my SEO Agency risking Google banning my website?”.

In SEO fast isn’t always right. To us, it’s about protecting your brand while obtaining ranking results that stick. We continue to work month after month to meet your goals.

Search Engine Ranking Results

How Do We Get Results?

1. Objective
2. Strategy
3. Analytics
4. Reporting

Off-Page SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Link Outreach

The most expensive and time exhausting white hat form of link building is links outreach. Over the last 12 years, we’ve built an extensive list of website owners and blogger contacts. We also have proven strategies for finding the right websites and placing our content there.

Citation Building/Local Links

It’s Google Bots that crawl your business listings, not humans. The algorithm gives more weight to listings including the same name, address, and phone number (NAP). We find the right local business directories and add your businesses information correctly.

Guest Posting

If you want to get traffic and backlinks simultaneously, guest posting is a great idea. For max results, we only post content on websites that match your business or services. Before posting, all sites go through an approval process.

Link Analysis/Audit

Not sure if you have bad links holding you back? We can perform a professional backlink audit to determine the next step for you. Since your link profile isn’t readily visible, many people don’t know how bad it’s hurting them.

Link Disavow Services

If we do bad links, we create and upload your customized disavow file. a disavow will ensure Google ignores the included links.

On-Page SEO

Keyword Research

The core of on-page SEO is Keyword Research. Keyword resarch enables us to uncover the most profitable keywords for your campaign.  We look for low-competition, long-tail, high conversion intent keywords.

High ranking results are essential. However, they only matter if the keyword search triggers a call, form fill, appointment request, etc. Otherwise, you’re just an info site.

Content Optimization

It’s imperative that the keyword theme is found throughout your content. It’s about providing the reader with information and interesting blogs and service pages.

Google wants to send users to the most relevant websites to solve their problems and answer questions. We include keyword research, competitor analysis, trends and more into this process

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

The title tag is the first tag crawled by the Google Bots. So, this is a great chance to let Google know about your web page.

We maximize the space in your title tags and descriptions to rank higher and for more long-tail variations of the keyword.

JSON Schema Markup

In 2019 it’s important to leverage schema markup. Schema Markup is a form of microdata that creates an enhanced listing for search engine robots. was started back in 2011 by top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Today it plays a role in how serah engines rank your website.

On Page SEO Strategy

Monthly Reporting

Transparent Analytics & Tracking

Transparency is a huge part of what separates us from other Dallas SEO Companies. We want you to know exactly where you stand and what we’re doing with your marketing dollars.

Every month your Local SEO Report will be updated. This includes rankings, citations, reviews, analytics, links acquired, and a completed task list.

Call Tracking

Ever wonder how you know what calls come from where? Call tracking enables us to assign a tracking number to various channels and ad sets.

If you’d like to, calls can also be recorded. You can use this for sales and customer service training opportunities.

Goal Tracking

Every business has different goals and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Some businesses rely on phone calls while others want online form requests.

No matter your goals, we can track them with Google Analytics. These will be included in your monthly reporting.

Ranking Improvements

Although rankings aren’t everything, they are important. The statistics show that the higher you’re ranked, the more traffic you get.

We’ll keep you abreast of the monthly improvements made. This will show us where we need to improve and where we need to maintain.

Citations/Local Links

Google checks to see how many times they can find your business’s name, address, and phone number online. The more relevant the directory to your niche, the better.

We list your business correctly in the appropriate directories monthly. We provide you a list of the newly indexed citations listed.

SEO Stats for 2019

Organic Search

The trust and credibility gained from Web SEO Services lead to increased conversion rates. Increased conversions are just one of the things organic traffic means to any business. If done correctly, SO can provide a 5x or 10x Return on Investment.

Here are a few other things organic search means to you:

  • 93% of local consumers start there search online.
  • 76% of the search engine marketing share goes to Google.
  • 57% of businesses (B2B) stated their investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates more leads than anything else.
  • 75% of web searchers never go past the first page.
  • 70%-80% of people skip paid ads and ONLY click on organic search listings
  • 86% of local consumers look up a business on Google Maps

Why Is Search Engine
Important For Your Business?

Do I Really Need SEO?

Without search engine optimization (SEO) it’s virtually impossible to rank organically. Without organic search engine visibility, your practically sending potential customers down the street. Loosing potential new business means a loss of revenue today and a missed opportunity at growing your business long-term.

Website optimization requires an SEO Consulting professional that understands search engines. One small missed step or unethical activity and your site will never get the traffic you deserve. Therefore, hiring an expert website optimizers like SEO Cherry is a smart decision. The list of benefits of hiring a Dallas SEO Expert goes on and on.

By hiring an Expert Dallas SEO Firm, you will save time and increase profits. An SEO pro knew how to leverage search engine algorithms and used them to your favor. Our SEO Services will rank your website higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A well-optimized site can be the difference between winning or losing the online marketing game.

Dallas SEO Page 1 Rankings

Why Hire Us?

Many people think a website is the “Field of Dreams.” Build it, and they will come:) That couldn’t be further from the truth. If your site isn’t listed high in the search engines, nobody will find you.

Working with SEO Cherry means working with an Expert SEO Company in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX (DFW). Our team is certified and proven to deliver search results. Most importantly, our focus is on conversions, not just ranking reports. We know that rankings don’t increase revenues.

More Bang for Your Buck

We are experts at assisting small businesses in growing through organic search engine traffic. Here are a few reasons we feel we’re the best Dallas SEO Company for your money.

  • We Deliver Results – Our batting average speaks for itself. For years we’ve delivered time and time again. You can view our case studies to see the ranking improvements we’ve made for clients.
  • Ethics are Important to Us – If you’re not a good fit for us, we won’t make false promises. We only want to work with businesses that can profit from our services. If your budget doesn’t match your desired results, we won’t make false promises. We don’t want to waste your time or marketing dollars.
  • 12 Years of SEO Experience  Our Founder & SEO Director, Whit Kinser, was on the ground floor of the digital marketing revolution. For more than 12 years through 100’s of algorithm changes, he’s delivered results time and time again. When it comes to SEO, going cheap usually means no results. If you hire an SEO Expert, you will be profitable. If you do it wrong, you might as well put your money in a bucket and burn it!
  • Customer Service – SEO Cherry is a boutique SEO Company in DFW. We only work with a handful of the right clients, so we’re always available to you. As you know, at most large agencies you get lost in the shuffle. We make sure you understand how valued you are.
  • NO Contracts – We are a professional SEO Agency proving ourselves month after month. That means NO Long- Term Contracts. We only require a 30 Day notice of cancellation. So, if either of us is unhappy with our relationship, we can walk away.

Increase Traffic & Conversions

If you’re looking for the best SEO Dallas has to offer, we’re here.  We will increase conversions, drive more traffic, and make your business the cherry on top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you’d like to speak with one of our team members, connect with us now. You can get started by scheduling a free strategy call here online. We look forward to speaking with you.

Q & A - Answers to Frequently Asked SEO Questions

The time it takes to gain desired results varies by starting point and competition level. There are hundreds of ranking factors considered by the search engine.

Expect to invest for a minimum of 6 months. Any less than that and you’re likely to get much traction.

SEO (search engine optimization) is simply the process of making your website easy for search engine robots and site visitors to navigate. By ensuring site structure, markup, content, tags, etc. are right, you can gain more visibility.

The cost of SEO is determined by the scope of work. Small businesses with low competition require far less work than larger projects. Therefore, the cost is much lower.

We have SEO Packages starting at $999. Our average client invests $2,500 per month in SEO Services.

When it comes to SEO vs. PPC, ones not really more important than the other. It all depends on your goals, time constraints, budget, etc. We feel both are important to your overall digital marketing strategy.

Sure, I suppose you could do SEO yourself. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there to get you started. That being said, I can try to fix my sink but that doesn’t make it a good idea:)

From our perspective, if you have a toothache you see a dentist. If you want to make your website profitable, hire a digital marketing expert.

No, we don’t use automated link building tools for our projects. We do leverage software to research competitor websites and other things. We only practice “white hat” SEO strategies. This makes us on the Best SEO Company Dallas has to offer.

The search engines algorithms continue to evolve. At the end of the day, they continue to try and weed out the spam. So, it’s more important than ever to do things the right way. If you give good a fast site with great content and a great link profile, you’ll rank high.

Search engines like Google love fresh content. So, blogging allows you to update your site with new content and connect with your audience. Blogging can play a role in obtaining new customers while keeping old ones interested. Furthermore, it creates additional internal linking opportunities.

Yes, but not all of them have an equal impact.

There are 4 Primary meta tags:

  1. Title Tag – Tells Search Engine Bots the title of your page.
  2. Meta Description – This provides a brief summary of what your web page is about.
  3. Meta Robots Attribute – Tells the search engine crawlers what to do with the page. (example: Index or No-Index)
  4. Meta Keyword Attribute – This is no longer used by most SEO Experts. Search engines like Google often see them as spam.
organic website optimization

Be the Cherry on Top of Search Engines

Keyword “Targeted” Traffic to Your Website

The following explains the common sense of SEO for a range of purposes:

  • If Google can’t crawl your site, they won’t rank it high in their search engine.
  • If people search for your services online, you can’t miss out on being the solution to their problem.
  • Just because you invest in a website doesn’t mean it will be found. Without an SEO Webdesign focus, you’re likely to run into optimization issues.

More Leads & Sales

More targeted traffic to your website leads to more opportunities. Just getting traffic doesn’t mean anything. We leverage Google Analytics to determine traffic quality.

A few things we monitor are:

  • Number of Visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on Site
  • Pages Visited
  • Goals
  • Most Used Entrance & Exit Paths
a Dallas SEO Expert

Internet Marketing Services

Website Analyis

Web Analytics

There are various types of analytics available. We use them to accurately measure results.

SEO Experts online

SEO Experts

We know Dallas SEO and how to deliver results. Find out how we can help you today.

Content Generation

Content Marketing

We generate content that ranks in search engines. We also leverage it for syndication.

Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC Management

Paid Search is the fastest way to get results. Be found in as little as 24 hours.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It’s time to start the conversation on social media. Increase your reach and drive results fast.

Video Promotion

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is an affordable way to extend your reach. A video is great for local business.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

When you hire an SEO Cherry Search Marketing Consultant, you can save $1,000’s. How do you save by paying online marketing fees?

  • Time is Money! More time for you to focus on your business
  • Increase your Return-on-Investment (ROI).
  • We understand your competition
  • You will SAVE money on your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Saving Money means Making Money!

Long-Term Organic Search Engine Results Are What Count

Unlike other Dallas SEO companies that boast of the past, we focus on the future by building future-proof solutions for our clients. We don’t just think outside the box, we think outside the box. Learn more about our Dallas SEO Services.

Paid Search Solutions

PPC Management

Our Paid Search Management services are great for e-commerce, small, and large businesses. Leverage Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and thousands of partner networks for fast results. We understand that every Dallas, TX area business needs online visibility. Let us help you get found in the search engines. Learn more about our paid search management services.

Dallas Paid Search Management

Website Design


Conversion Rate Optimized Websites

We don’t just design websites, we build sites that convert. Your website is useless unless it converts visitors into customers. We understand the internet and what it takes to succeed. Therefore, all of website design team is trained to focus on creating sites that generate phone calls and leads.

We do what we call, SEO Website Design. This means that all of our sites follow the best practices to help you rank. Learn more about our website development now.

Social Media Marketing


Our Social Media Marketing services are great for any business.  We work with small companies, e-commerce stores, large corporations, and start-ups looking for a digital marketing partner.

Social media frequently leads to finding new content marketing opportunities. By staying abreast of news stories and current events, we can often leverage it for your brand.  Social Media also builds links to websites, blog posts, etc. So, it can be helpful in your SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing Allows you to:

  • Reach Your Audience at the Right Time
  • Listen to What Your Audience Want and Say
  • Engage with Your Audience in Real Time
  • Connect With Your Team & Customers
  • Measure & Improve Performance
  • Generate Leads for Less than AdWords

Learn more about growing your brand’s presence with social media marketing here. Let’s see if we can help you grow faster.

Social Media Marketing Cycle

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Manager Jumping

Hiring the right Dallas, Texas SEO Company for Reputation Management Services is important. The old saying, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it,” applies here. When you respond to a negative review it must be done right.

We’re a local Dallas, TX provider of online reputation management services to individuals, businesses, and international companies. We’ve helped numerous DFW business owners & individuals recover from crises and establish a positive online presence in the search engines.

A few things we do:

  • Google Reviews
  • YELP Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Ripoff Report Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Better Business Bureau Reviews
  • and more…

Long-Term  Results Are What Count

Unlike other reputation management companies, we know quick fixes don’t last. We only focus on future-proof solutions for our clients. The result is that we’re able to solve problems other agencies cannot. It also means your results will stand the test of time.

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