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Professional SEO Audit Service

SEO Audits Before Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

You always want to make sure your website is up to date and meets certain requirements before launching a Dallas SEO marketing campaign. Your campaign may not even succeed and you may end up spending more money than planned if your website is not optimized. This means that you need to run a Website SEO (search engine optimization) audit.

Use SEO Audits To Work Smarter and Faster

You may also want to run a website audit if you are looking to push your website to the top of Google listings. You do not simply want to optimize your site because someone told you to do so; you want to decide what it is you are optimizing your site to accomplish.

See What Works!

Whether you are a large company auditing your clients seo, or auditing your own seo you need to do some planning. You need to be sure you outline what your goal of optimizing is and what strategies you are going to use. Take a look at your website to determine what is good, what is working, and what is not good, and what is not working. Your Dallas Search Engine Opimization Company should start an audit.

Why SEO Cherry For SEO Audit Services?

An seo website audit is an in-depth analysis of your sites ability to attract new viewers based upon search terms. An audit will allow us to determine what the plan of action needs to be for optimizing your website. You cannot run one website seo audit and be done. We will continue to audit your site frequently to ensure maximum optimization.

You need to run several audits throughout the year because search engines change their requirements, your clients need different information, and what you have may simply not be working. The more you run an seo audit on your website, the more traffic you will be getting which in turn leads to more income.

SEO Site Audit Checklist

Whether it's Local SEO or national SEO it all starts with an audit.There are many factors that affect your sites ability to rank high in the search engines. The core of any SEO campaign is ensuring that the site meets the guidelines laid out by Google, Bing & Yahoo. If your SEO consultant isn't doing this, they're doing it wrong.

During a thorough audit you will discover the following:

  • Whether or not your site’s HTML code has any flaws or weak spots.
  • Find out if any of your pages have loading problems or links that don’t work.
  • Determine new opportunities for optimizing your link structure.
  • Determine how user friendly your site is in its current state.
  • You will uncover any content issues, or related problems.

Website Load Time Optimization

Amazingly, the load speed of your site plays a huge role in viewer experience. This goes for small business SEO and big brand campaigns. If it takes too long to load, the viewer will simply leave. When your load speeds are low, the user convenience goes down which also lowers your ranking in search engines.

You want your page to load in 5 seconds or less! This Includes ALL:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Service Pages
  • Infographics
  • and any other content that you may have

Content Search Engine Optimization

Today, your website content is the most important factor in rankings. It's also important if you want link building done naturally. When we perform an SEO Audit, we will pay attention to your current content & optimization opportunities. Your content should be engaging and encompass the topic of your subject.

Use Keywords Naturally

It is important that you use keywords naturally in your web copy. Yes, we want to get higher rankings, but providing a good user experience comes first. Although, you do want to ensure that it reads naturally to your viewers. Too many keywords can be a detriment, rather than a plus to your site’s appeal. So, we will start with keyword research to ensure we're auditing things correctly.

SEO Audits Can Improve Customer Experience

Your website needs to be user-friendly, if it’s not you will simply waste your time. You want your viewers to enjoy their experience and know what they are supposed to do next without too much chaos. It’s proven through testing that you only have 7 seconds to capture the attention of an online searcher before they leave.

Happy Customers Leave Good Reviews & Send Referrals

By making your clients and or customers happy, you can expect good reviews and referrals.  The goal of all businesses is to create a long term customer relationship. It is smarter, faster and cost less marketing dollars!

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